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Product Development

With our niche expertise, we make your products more reliable and accelerate their time to market. Depending on your needs, we will handle the product development from the concept to the fully designed and tested prototype.

Figure: More reliable and economical products through material modelling and simulation-driven development.

Product development is often unnecessarily delayed if there is not enough manpower and a lack of experience with the necessary simulation tools and specialised equipment for efficient product development. An independent expert brings new perspectives as well as additional manpower and new techniques and experience.

We typically use a bottom-up approach by first measuring and modelling material properties, predicting component behaviour in simulations, and then testing in component tests. By focusing on simulations, even inaccessible quantities can be measured, and in product development more parameters can be tested in less time and at lower cost, so that in the end you get a better, more reliable but also cheaper product.